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Sistema de entrenamiento - Training System

Jonathan Esteve (PhD) 

• Doctoral Thesis disertation in Training Periodization and Training Control in Endurance Runners

• Sports Training professor at the Exercise Sciences School in the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

• Visiting Lecturer at the Exercise Sciences School of Greenwich University

• Track & Field coach Level 3 (RFEA)

• Triathlon coach Level 3 (FETRI)

As an athlete, he’s been recreational runner for 20 years, with personal bests ranginf from 1min 54 s in 800m to 3min 54 s in 1500m, 1h 11min in Half marathon and 2h 38 min in marathon.

They are both authors of several scientific papers in endurance sports field (see Research) and created the brand All In Your Mind ©.

Roberto Cejuela (PhD)

• Doctoral Thesis disertation in Triathlon Competition Analysis

• Exercise Sciences School professor at Universidad de Alicante.

• Triathlon coach Level 3 (FETRI)

• Swimming coach Level 3 (RFEN)

• Cycling coach Level 3 (REFC)

• Track & Field coach Level 3 (RFEA)

• Head of the Olympic Studies Center at the Universidad de Alicante.

• Head of the Triathlon High Performance Group of Comunidad Valenciana located at the Universidad de Alicante

• Co-Director of Sportraining Magazine.

• President of the 2011 ITU Congress Scientific Comitee.

As an athlete, he was a subelite cyclist and actually he is an age group competition triathlete