Training Camps, Physiological Assessment, and Training Programs based on the scientific knowledge designed to improve the results in a individualized way.

All oriented to the recreational athlete who wishes to enjoy the training process and optimise his time. We work both in person and on line as well. If you were not living in Spain but might be interested in some training days here, we organize all you need to make training enjoyable.

Training in the right way is not only a matter of professionals. You are also a professional in your job and wish, in your leisure time, to improve the results in sports that require lots of effort and time. You would only be able to dedicate the same time than a professional eventually without forgetting the main stress that it is not usually related to training or competing.

With our training system you will find out that the key to improvement is not “to train like a professional but just less”. No, you must train only in a smart way, optimising your time and according to your level and progression. Moreover, we are all different physical and physiologically so, the key to the personal success will be to adjust to those personal treats.

Define “success” as you wish, establishing realistic goals. It is a fact that the amount of variables related to your training and competition make the puzzle really complex.

Above all, this is a matter of perseverance, self-control, confidence… behaviours that can be extended to the rest of your life. As you can see, it is all in your attitude and anxiety control because the goal are not the distance and the time, but to establish a day and a time to do what you had planned.

Trust us to establish the goals in a systematic way, look for the perseverance, and learn to enjoy the process. It´s All in Your Mind.

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