Our Program

All you need to make training enjoyable:
  –Going abroad to a land with more than 220 sunny days a year 

Training facilities including 400m track, 25m indoor swimming pool, 2 weight rooms and other recreational indoor and outdoor courts (football, beach volleyball, tennis, basketball, hockey,…)


Convenient hostel next to training facilities (3 min walk) with options for meals, 1to 4 people per room


Everything is 15 min away from the beach in a beautiful area for road cycling on both flat and uphill routes)


Other: meeting rooms available


Who? Runners, Cyclists, and Triathletes

Bring your family and friends: we look after your children while you train and organize leisure activities for your family during that time. Facilities are ready for sports practice with your kids and friends




Training Camp: Great choice for athletes who want to focus on maximizing performance


Training / Recreation  Mix: Alicante is one of the most popular areas in Spain. Enjoy the beaches and its leisure-time activities


Other: cycling routes with guides, physiological testing, running and swimming technique assessment
Going to train to Alicante It’s easy and fast! Cheap direct Flights from:
-London (Gatwick, Luton Stansted)
-East Midlands